Men only event at the Museum

Boy’s Don’t Cry Event, 1st/8th October 2016

Men's labels

I’ve hosted a men only event, split over two dates in the Museum. Each event was 2 hours… where we talked, questioned, exchanged experiences, debated and ate cake.

I want to say thank you to Paul and Viv, (two retired male psychiatric nurses who worked at Glenside) for sharing their experiences working in the hospital and providing us with an insight into what patients lives were like in the hospital.

I also want to thank the ten men who took part in the event. Here’s a selection quotes from event, in no particular order:

“how can anyone have time to contemplate with all the noise and distractions around us”

“Do you really believe there is someone in control!”

“People are susceptible”

“People go to doctors expecting an answer”

“Schools don’t teach the things we need to learn, like money”

“It would be useful to know what we are trying to do and to get out of this”

“I realised having two sons myself, I’ve become like my parents, telling them to go outside, play football, enjoy the sunshine… they come home, play games… they only talk to me, when there’s a problem with the computer”

“People are stupid”

“We are dealing with conflict, internally”

“It’s simple, turn it off!”

“How can you assume everyone is like that, you don’t know anything about me!”

“It’s complex”

“Life is simple really, we just make it complicated.”

“I’m feed up with seeing violence, blood and gore on tv, why do they have to constantly repeat it over and over… I’m complete desensitised to it, I can’t care anymore”

“There’s a reason we are made to feel incapable”

“I fully respect what you say, but…”

“You can choose to ignore TV!” “I have stopped watching TV, I watch YouTube and alternative media.”

“You can make your own choices”

“Nhs should use talking therapy” – “Nhs does use talking therapy”

“We’ve got to the end and haven’t talked about mental illness!”