Dark Matter

Anwyl Cooper-Willis solo exhibition, The Galleries, Bristol 2013

The ways we humans try to interpret the universe in which we find ourselves could be seen as a spectrum - like light - from red to violet; from myth to modern science. But the electro-magnetic spectrum is much larger that our senses can perceive. What may lie beyond our ability to comprehend? A large part of the mass of the universe cannot be perceived directly; its existence is inferred from its effect on visible matter. This mysterious stuff has been called dark matter.

These black cuboids made of light paper are mysterious. They stand without support. They take up space with minimal substance. They wait patiently. Towers three high command the space people wander amongst them, as in a grove. A slightly uncanny grove, the people report feeling watched, born down upon, that the towers moved in on them just beyond their fields of sight. People were unexpectedly moved. The black towers lean and tip, their grasp on coherent form is fleeting; like ours.