alldaybreakfast is a group of four artists Tommy Cha, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Pat Jamieson and Carol Laidler who curate innovative group and solo exhibitions with associative participatory events. Our process is collaborative and holds within it an intention to relocate the origin of innovation somewhere outside a single discreet consciousness.

Location functions as an active agent in the construction of our work, operating as a frame to focus through, a way of dislocating the object from its context and holding it up for examination. Our method is one of engagement and intervention with place and audience.

In 2012 alldaybreakfast embarked on a collaborative residency in The Galleries shopping mall in the centre of Bristol. The continuing use of these shops for art exhibition has informed our practice, raising questions about where one encounters art and how that site of encounter informs its reception. Through this experience we have been developing a model of group exhibition, which is sequential and durational, exemplified in the Time Machine, forming a chain of artists in conversation.