The Time Machine

at Fringe Arts Bath 2016 31st May – 12th June, 11.00 – 6.00

44AD 4 Abbey St. Bath, BA1 1NN 

There will be a special event most days at 4.00 The artists will be in conversation on Sunday 12th 11.00 – 2.00 Open to the public 

We all have our time machines, don’t we? Those that take us back are memories... and those that carry us forward, are dreams. H.G.Wells 

Each day a different time traveller – artist, writer, performer, scientist - will inhabit the Time Ma- chine for a day and investigate time from their own particular perspective. Over the course of two weeks this will evolve into a cohesive multilayered multimedia installation. 

Come to the Time Machine and be transported!

for more information visit Fringe arts Bath

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The Time Machine - FaB artist callout

The Time Machine (Artist Callout) alldaybreakfast at Fringe Arts Bath

 27 May - 12 June 2016 

Time Travellers - bring us your conjectures, your hypotheses, your experiences, your conclusions - set out to defy temporal laws as we understand them. Innovative and exciting responses to the concept of Time and Time Travel are sought. Our Time Machine offers you the opportunity to disrespect time – use it to question, stretch, bend, and control time, to make unexpected things happen. Selected artists, performers, writers, musicians and scientists will have a day to play in the Time Machine. Their responses will be filmed to create a concomitant, evolving and cohesive multilayered durational installation. 


We will build a Time Machine construction, evolved from Concrete Evidence and Vessel 10. Within the machine will be a video monitor installation. Each day during the festival, a different Time Traveler will develop their piece of work. We will film the daily events and include them in the evolving, multi-screen, video display inside the Time Machine, a dynamic process to coalesce different voices over the course of the festival. Materials that come out of the day’s events can be added to the installation, incorporated either in the room or into the Time Machine itself. 

 At the end of the festival we will invite participating artists to a symposium to discuss all the responses, outcomes, conclusions and successful time conquering strategies which have arisen from this project. 

Send us a 300 word proposal of what you would like to do, a short CV and up to 6 supporting jpeg images (no more than 1mb each). deadline 14 March 2016. Free submission, email proposals to

Vessel 10

Planet EarthVoyager's last image of planet Earth. Published by NASA.

The count down has started, alldaybreakfast presents:

Vessel 10

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.
But without it we go nowhere.”

Carl Sagan


“As the spacecraft, New Horizons, approached the dwarf planet Pluto, I imagined the impact it would have if we received images of a extraterrestrial civilisation. The first close-up pictures of the planet revealing a bustling city, filled with beings going about their daily business, completely unaware of our existence. New Horizons might be joining our other Earth’s emissaries, the Pioneers and the Voyagers, drifting beyond our solar system. Onboard these spacecrafts, they contain ‘messages’ from Earth in a hope they might be discovered by an extraterrestrial life, possibly in billions of years from now. For Vessel 10, I’m bringing together artists and volunteers to build a spacecraft to be launched at 2pm (BST), August 30, 2015. Contained within it is a self-portrait of humanity, waiting to be discovered.” 

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alldaybreakfast presents Vessel, a solo exhibition by Pat Jamieson opening weekdays (closed Wednesdays) from 27th July to 11th August 2015.

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